Haugen Mountain Farm

On Haugen Mountain Farm you can meet cows, cats and dogs. We also have good possibilities for families to stay for their vacation.

The dairy farm
Skiing possibilities
Haugen dairy farm
Haugen dairy farm
Address: Eksingedalen, N-5728 Eidslandet Phone: +47 56595833
E-mail: post@haugengard.no Beds: 15
Web: http://www.haugengard.no Contact form: Click here

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The farm is situated in the middle of Eksingedalen, 2 km from the highway. There are fine views over the valley and there are good opportunities for hiking and fishing trips. The hosts engaged in milk production. Here you can meet cows, dogs and cats. We also have a farm for rent, located 4 km from the farm, the road goes straight. There are good skiing in winter.

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