Mountain hikes

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The støl-hikes and other mountain hikes in Eksingedalen

A "støl" is a mountain summer dairy, where cows or goats grassed on nearby mountain pastures, and were milked by the "budeie" usually a female attendant, that also produced butter or cheese from the milk. Less mass, and more durable product could then be transported from the mountain, usually on human back, to the valley. It was  more effective than frequently carrying a large volume of unconserved milk in summer temperatures.

The paths to the old "støls" was cleared in a project 2000-2003, and bridges over streams restored. Local members of Eksingedalen Idrettslag (Eksingedalen Sports Club) use these trails for exercise, and they are also used by  tourists.

Information signs marking the start of paths har been erected for most støls, and brochures printed.

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