Welcome to Eksingedalen!

Eksingadalen (often written Eksingedalen) is a fifty kilometer long valley which forms the northern part of Vaksdal municipality in Hordaland county. The valley is a typical agricultural village and the lives of 300 humanity here.

The valley starts at the village Eidslandet, head of Eidsfjord and reaches about 50 kilometers north-east to the upper garden Gullbrå located at 584 m. Throughout the valley the river runs Ekso, which is a rich fishing river. Trout are to be found throughout the river, and in the lower part exist also salmon and sea trout.

Eksingadalen surrounding Highway 569 road connection to the rest of Vaksdal, and Modalen through Modal Tunnel. The FV 313 above Nesheimsfjellet have Eksingadalen road connection to Evanger and Voss. The highest mountain in Eksingadalen is Kvitanosi, which is located in Voss municipality, with its 1433 m Within Vaksdal's municipal boundaries is the highest mountain in the valley (and in Vaksdal) Skjerjavasshovden with its 1264 m To Eksingadalen also adjacent to the popular hiking Stølsheimen. Largest lake in the valley, which is part of the river Ekso is Bergo lake on Bergo. On Bergo one can also find day care, primary school and junior secondary school in the valley. At Lavik, ca. middle of the valley, it's shop.

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